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The Bibites is coming soon to Steam if you would prefer to download there.  Wishlist now to stay updated

Welcome Everyone!

This is The Bibites

A simulation where you are able to watch evolution happen before your very eyes! 

Each bibite (the small critters you see on the screen) starts off with an empty brain (they do nothing) and pretty basic genes (they all look alike). 

Through random mutations, one can be spawned with a brain connection that will link two neurons and might trigger a behavior, like going forward, which will allow them to eat food, and then reproduce with the energy gained.

You have reproduction, mutations, and natural selection, which leads to ... 

With time, this develops into complex behaviors, like following pheromone trails to hunt other bibites, or stockpiling food in a specific area of the map. 

Present Features

  • Vision
  • Procedural Sprites (generating a custom sprite for each bibite from their genes)
  • Self-awareness (state, health, energy, etc.)
  • Pheromones (producing and sensing)
  • Grabbing and Throwing stuff (pellets and other bibites)
  • Materials and Digestion Simulation
  • Realistic Energy System
  • Neural Network Brains
  • Speciation and lineage trees
  • Statistics and graphs for analysis

The simulation is also interactive, allowing you to YEET bibites and pellets around. You can selectively kill bibites, feed them, force the laying of eggs, and so much more.

It's also highly customizable, allowing you to test a nearly infinite number of scenarios. How will they evolve if there is no drag (no friction)? What about if moving is extremely energy-costly?
It's your job to test it all, I sure can't do it by myself.

THIS IS THE STANDARD VERSION  OF THE GAME and will continue to be updated and supported FOR FREE with all the features of the game besides the ones specific to Steam such as Steam achievements, workshop mods and leaderboards.

The best way to support is to subscribe to my Patreon to provide me with reliable income . This comes with perks like access to the Bibites Patreon discord and early access to alpha versions.

Upcoming features 

  • Module-based systems for unbounded evolution and incredible performances
  • Biomes (environmental simulation)
  • Evolving ecosystems (the plants/food evolves too)
  • Rocks (Movable objects)
  • And much more!


There seems to be an issue with some Linux users. If the game displays issues, add the "-force-vulkan" command line parameter when launching the game.


Apple needs you to run any app from the Application folder. So make sure that's where you extract the .app folder.

After trying it out, please give me some feedback

Or report bugs


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The Bibites 0.5.1 - Mac Universal.zip 78 MB
The Bibites 0.5.1 - Windows 32x.zip 70 MB
The Bibites 0.5.1 - Linux.zip 84 MB
The Bibites 0.5.1 - Windows 64x.zip 73 MB

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Hello! I just wanted to say that your game is really cool. The Bibites is definitely the best simulation game I've ever played. I don't have much in terms of suggestions, since it is already really good, but it would be cool if you could set the aging penalties to negative numbers so that the Bibites in a simulation could get stronger or more efficient with age. Overall, amazing game!

Hi! Can't make it work on a MacBookPro M2Max Sonoma! The start up screen shows 50% loading and never ends.. I paid 7$ Please help!

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Apple needs you to run any app from the Application folder. So make sure that's where you extract the .app folder.


Hi! Still same result! It freezes at 50% loading. 


Extract the whole downloaded bibites zip folder into your applications. That should work

Hi, download the itch app and install and launch the game from there. It stopped the 50% loading issue for me and for someone else here too!

As mentioned in the download instructions for MAC: 
1. Put the whole TheBibites folder you downloaded in your Application folder
2. That's it.



more than a year already for the 6.0, thats taking a while...


it is a large update and there are only two developers working on this

This game is amazing!


Mac. Loaded to 50% then stuck

Try launching through the itch app. That is what fixed it for me.


Apple needs you to run any app from the Application folder. So make sure that's where you extract the .app folder.

After I start the simulation it's just a blank screen :(

Is this on a Mac?

No, I use a superior operating system: Ubuntu Linux

hmmm... You can try adding the "-force-vulkan" command line parameter when launching the game.


Will there ever be a android release?


reminds me of the spore cell stage


Idea: Cross species herding. This would be interesting because it could allow for symbiotic relationships

How do you add "-force-vulkan" command line parameter when launching the game?

Please release the ant as a stock bibit. I've been trying to make my own and have had no success beyond making murderous queens that mass-produce drones that go in circles and never return.

Love this game! Can't wait to see where it goes from here

Me too, I check back frequently for updates.

The feedback Poll only allows 0.4 as the highest Option

Very Interesting, I Would Recommend This Game


So im trying to run it on linux if i open it not using -force-vulkan its opening as normal but i get the problem with the bluescreen after start a game but when i run it using -force-vulkan it doesnt open, looks like loading in the terminal and after loading the game screen opens and after just close it itself and i cant do nothing, any idea what happening? Im using it on a raspberry i would like to run it om the rpi4 and put it on a small screen on a wall. Somebody can help me woth it? Its very weird


What happened to viruses?


You can turn those on by clicking the pencil on the top right of the New menu and scrolling down to the very bottom. There you can see the "Enable Viruses Option". Though it's apparently unstable, so you might not want that.

when lauched instantly stop working idk


anyone else having loading problems on apple

stuck at 50%  right now


Me too


For me, when this happens moving the program to a different folder fixes it

Yep I moved the folder from documents to desktop

ok ill try that

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Same, on windows

problem- i have the arrow key camera control off but when i try to use arrow keys it works. and my camera nonstop is moving left


Please please make this available on mobile

Ooo and maybe a Population graph of creatures that are tagged X

You could also add, like a cousin to the color thing, something that only targets and kills things with certain attributes or like within a range of something yk?

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I think there should be more god tools like setting the size, age, maturity, how much energy they got, speed, and like other stuff that can change their anatomy. Oo and like placing like virus' with specific parameters and like artificial pheromons yk?


yea + the ability to change the structure of a bibites brain or change the genes

Is there anyway to increase growth seed I am at 1 hour and they are only on the second generation.


change timespeed or manually force them to lay lotsa eggs and forcekill the bibite of latest generation


a lot of fun, i hope you keep developing it over a long period of time. 

I can't pan the screen, and is there an update section?

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I tried out NeuraQuarium lately and I have to say i'm a little disappointed with the modern gaming industry way of being forced to pay your way into alpha testing. Thanks for staying free.

I think the temperature system in that is fascinating, though, as well as the way that creatures do not explicitly recognize objects in the game world, only color and smell. I think it could be neat for The Bibites to expand in that direction.

I also like the way that instead of a "void" or a "magic forcefield" there's just a rock barrier that deals adjustable damage, makes it feel more like an underwater alcove and encourages hazard avoidance better



your running a form of gentoo linux, look up a tutorial on how to get access to the terminal then just execute the file from the terminal


how do i install the linux version?(im on chromebook)

it would be cool if you could use this in the web, but i played it on windows and this game is interesting


I found this in android list, is there a version for that? Why is it in the list? Would love to see this

I saw that saved bibits are in special folder so I thought about trading bibits


Amazing concept. I'm an older software engineer and since childhood thought of making a simulator like this. I've enjoyed playing around with it, but the performance gets pretty terrible after an hour of simulation time. FPS drops to 5 or 6! There are ways to improve performance so that this no longer occurs. I'll try this again after some updates. 


Any plans to make Bibites opensource? I believe it could speed up things a lot!

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i found a bug where it will constantly go down unless i hold up its not one of my controllers or my keyboard i am on win 11 if that changes anything, if i am doing something wrong pls tell me because i would love to play this

edit: it install the 32bit not the 64bit just why itch why?

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EDIT: Seems that running the game with -force-vulkan fixes the issue.

Running the native Linux version on my computer just causes the screen to go blue immediately on startup.

Any way for me to fix it?

I would run the Windows version with wine, but input breaks whenever I alt tab :(

Hey How do i install Bibites for linux(also on chromebook)

Should be a Linux build somewhere in the downloads section.

If it doesn't work, open a terminal where the game's file is stored and type ./<filename> -force-vulkan


hello, i am seeming to have an issue with it loading to 50% and stopping on launch :( am i doing something wrong. i downloaded and extracted into a folder in program files on windows. and then i ran as the steps explain


same on Mac !! I just ran the game and it don't want to load over 50%


put it in the app folder

thank you!


thanks it works now !!


Absolutely love this, was more than happy to give some money. Can't wait for future updates.


This is a very interesting game with lots of potential! I am trying to create a Nigel that isn't a clumsy lil fool, any recommendations?


just let it run 24/7

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